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About Mary

Mary is an Educational Psychologist with a number of years’ teaching experience, during which time she trained in Developmental Group Work methods and developed an integrated PSE scheme for the secondary school. She studied the impact of PSE on pupil behaviour, attitudes and relationships through practitioner research affiliated to Bath University.

Learning for Living’ was developed in post-doctoral action research in a primary school wanting help with behaviour. Mary constructed a spiral PSHE curriculum using Development Group Work methods. Every lesson was trialled, assesed and modified. The resulting program led to a significant improvement in the childrens behavior and approach to work. The dissemination of the spiral curriculum was supported by Gloucestershire LEA, and evidence of the significant positive impact of ‘Learning for Living’ on behaviour and attitudes was collected in work with a number of city, urban and rural schools. Gloucestershire L.E.A. also supported the development of parallel materials to actively engage parents.

Mary began her career as a social worker. She has always believed in the importance of teachers and parents working together to enrich children’s education. ‘Learning for Living’ offers and encourages this valuable and innovative dimension by engaging parents.