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Welcome To Learning For Living

Grassroots Publishing is offering Primary Schools a chance to download these exciting PSE resources for KS1 and KS2. The new edition of ‘Learning for Living’ covers all the important topics in Relationships and Health Education for the Primary School, meeting the 2020 Statutory Guidelines.

The fully-planned spiral curriculum provides detailed lesson plans, with all the resources required to deliver high quality PSHE. It is ideal for the busy teacher because it is a complete, self-contained resource, with everything ready to use, including an integrated approach to assessment that will provide evidence for OFSTED.

Developed by an Educational Psychologist, the interactive and inclusive teaching and learning methods make a direct impact on the behaviour, attitudes and relationships of the children and help them to develop self-confidence and resilience. This will contribute considerably to the recovery curriculum.

Topics covered include developing supportive and inclusive relationships in the class and school; developing communication skills; identity; preventing teasing and bullying; friendships; family life and family relationships; active citizenship; mental well-being; internet safety; safety in and out of the home; healthy living; alcohol, smoking and drug education; and changes at puberty, with optional materials for primary sex education.

Alongside the materials for school there are downloadable parent pages, providing a unique and innovative way of engaging parents in partnership throughout the programme. ‘Learning4Living’ offers guidance to both teachers and parents when discussing sensitive issues and suggests activities that will help parents with their children at home. Children love both school and home discussions and related activities.

As well as support for children and parents, a program for Staff Recovery Support is now available.